Why Choose Propane?

Many home and business owners use propane to power their lives. But why choose propane?

Propane is one of the most versatile, cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel sources in the world, with an abundant supply right here in America. Its versatility and portability make it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial use, and it helps save you money and reduce your home or business’s carbon footprint, too.

Propane is…

  • Versatile – From fireplaces and furnaces to industrial and commercial transportation applications, propane is a versatile fuel that can power many different things.

  • Safe – Propane is a non-toxic gas. It’s not harmful to the soil or water, and does not endanger the environment, so propane tank installation can safely be placed underground. It’s also lead-free with a low flammability range.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Propane is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. Its use also helps to protect the environment by cutting emissions.

  • Cost-Effective – Propane’s high efficiencies allow home and business owners to use less energy than appliances that run on other fuel sources (which helps saves you money).

  • Convenient to Use and Store – Propane tanks are environmentally friendly, require little maintenance, and can last for years to come. When you need propane, you can access your propane tank easily and quickly. And when it’s time for a refill, Inter-Mountain Propane delivers right to your home or business with our propane delivery services.

Propane vs. Other Energy Source

Between propane and other energy sources, the differences go beyond just price alone. In our world today, the push for green energy is quickly becoming a standard for most consumers. And propane is an environmentally-friendly, “green” fuel. It provides a much more sustainable future not only in terms of cost-efficiency but powering what you need most reliably and safely. Also, unlike other energy sources, the versatility of propane means it can be a primary source to use for many different energy needs.

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